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Partnered with engineering consultants.


Our consultants are a professional engineering services firm with proven experience in structural, civil, aquatics, planning, survey, and transportation. The portfolio of services also encompasses a range of support services including project management, asset management, design and documentation and contract administration. 

For many years they have played a prominent role in Structural and Civil Engineering in Australia and overseas. The consultants have developed a reputation for innovative, yet practical engineering, through a desire to exceed clients’ expectations with cost effective solutions.

Our staff has proven experience over a range of projects. These include retail complexes, government structures, leisure, and sporting centres, pools, marinas, man-made islands, golf courses, residential, commercial, and industrial developments, bridges, roads, and planning advice.

We will work collaboratively in ensuring we deliver the best outcomes for our client. We aim to provide all of our clients with quality designs and the least cost construction solutions for works. We achieve this by:

Every decision we make is made with the client being fully informed and on the basis of “minimising capital cost and maximising return” for our client.


1.1) project team

Comprises a proactive team of project managers, civil and structural engineers, design engineers, design drafters, AutoCAD operators, and support staff.

Our team has been selected with these key criteria in mind, and boasts extensive experience across the full scope of services required within this brief. All personnel will be suitably qualified to fulfil the expectations of AWMA and the building management.        

Throughout the course of the project the abovementioned key personnel will be supported by an experienced and extensive team of engineers, and administrative assistants with an objective to allow the relevant team members to focus their attention on the technical and contractual requirements of the project.

Roles of Key Personnel


The Project Principal is the lead structural engineer for the project. It is the Project Principals responsibility to be the main point of contact for the project, to attend meetings and proactively offer solutions to the team. His role is to ensure that the objectives are understood by the entire team and he has the responsibility for the delivery of the project.


The Project Engineer’s role is to undertake assessment of the results of the building inspection to offer guidance on repair solutions for the building.

This role requires an engineer with good analytical skills, and a sound engineering and building knowledge.

The Design Engineer must understand the objectives of the project team and must be imaginative and challenging enough to offer solutions.


We have a process of undertaking a formal review in our company. This process will be led by an experienced engineer to review the preliminary report of the Project Manager and Project Engineer. This process requires a presentation of the preliminary report by the Project Engineer to the Project Auditor for his/her audit.

1.2) Point of Difference

Providing clients with personalised and customised service covering a diverse range of specialised capabilities, backed by our large practice capacity. We have identified the importance of providing remedial engineering experience that is fully supported by specific technical expertise in concrete structures and have selected our assigned Senior Project Team accordingly. Our Senior Project Team will remain actively involved for the full duration of this project. 

1.3) Customer Service

We have developed a strong working relationships with all our clients. Building management will be provided with a Primary Point of Contact, Project Manager and a Secondary Point of Contact, Project Engineer for the full duration of the project. All formal reporting and communication with  building management will be routed through the nominated Points of Contact. Similarly, all relevant project activities including project meetings and site inspections, general project correspondence, all consultant advice and any relevant project deliverables will be coordinated by, attended by, or distributed through the Primary and Secondary Points of Contact.

Building management will be consulted throughout all phases of the project to ensure all matters of importance are addressed and resolved well within the project time frames. Similarly, the same quality of service will be provided to relevant project stakeholders to better control and minimise any risk of disruption or delay to the project.

Our Consultants will commit to responding to any form of project correspondence within 48 hours. Furthermore, upon request from building management, in the unlikely event of a project based ‘emergency’, we will ensure that our Primary or Secondary Point of Contact is personally available to provide a physical presence in meetings or on site to assist in resolving any project related matters.

1.4) Project Delivery

Based on the current project brief, the first task in the project would be to develop a project plan which details the key requirements of the project, how these are to be fulfilled, any risks and who is responsible for each requirement. The project plan would be developed in consultation with building management to ensure there is ownership of the project by all parties.

In terms of project delivery of our consultancy works, the major considerations include:

Our consultats will thoroughly review each of the above considerations upon commencement of the project to ensure that all project milestones and deliverables are met in accordance with the set parameters of the Briefing Document and in accordance with the expectations of the building management.

The assigned project team will report directly to building management throughout the project. The project management team will coordinate, compile, review, and approve all materials to be issued to the relevant project stakeholders throughout the life of the project. `

All formal reporting and communication with building management will be routed through the Primary and Secondary Points of Contact.

1.5) Value Add

Our consultants are committed to delivering comprehensive, balanced, cost effective project solutions whilst combining our professional expertise with high levels of service to building management. With the backing of our extensive structural and remedial engineering design, building construction and project management / superintendency experience, we are well placed to provide high levels of value engineering throughout the life of the project. We will work collabaratively with building management and the project stakeholders to improve the planned approach and work methods for this project by:

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